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Permanent Mold Aluminum Casting Factory

Specializing in high-quality aluminum parts using reusable molds for industries like automotive, aerospace, and consumer goods.

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Crafting Superior Aluminum Components

Located in DongGuan, our factory employs skilled workers and advanced technology, meeting the demand for durable aluminum parts in various industries.

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Discover our range of precision aluminum casting services for diverse industries.

Custom Parts

Tailored aluminum components to meet unique specifications

Rapid Prototyping

Quick turnaround for prototype aluminum parts

Quality Assurance

Stringent testing to ensure high-quality standards

Enhance Your Designs with Precision Aluminum Solutions

Let’s collaborate to create unmatched aluminum components for your needs.

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Our Unique Value Proposition

Our Process

Our Work Process


Collaborate with our experts to design the perfect aluminum parts for your requirements.


Utilize our advanced casting techniques to create precise and durable aluminum components.


Our finishing touches ensure the quality and aesthetics of the final aluminum products.

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