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China Squeeze Casting Forging Company

China liquid Squeeze and semi-solid casting Factory
China Squeeze Casting and Forging manufacturer(semi-solid die casting)

We are a China Squeeze Casting and Forging manufacturer

We are a china squeeze casting forging factory; our main business include squeeze casting, aluminum forging and gravity die casting; our factory located in dongguan city, china. we found in 2000 years, after decade years development. we have develop our own technology on squeeze casting and forging, also work with college on casting material to improve mechanical properties.

we can handle liquid squeeze casting and forging parts, from ingot to parts, CNC machining and heat treatment, also surface treatment.

Ecar Squeeze Casting parts
Liquid Squeeze parts for Auto component
Squeeze Casting for Automotive swing arm
Liquid squeeze casting parts for auto swing arm
CNC Machining Casting parts
CNC Machining parts for industry device
Gravity die casting for Truck components
Gravity die casting parts for truck component

What we do

We are casting and forging parts supplier. our process include liquid squeeze casting ;aluminum heat forging and gravity die casting. CNC machining, Heat treatment and surface painting or coating.

Liquid Squeeze Casting

We can already improve our technology, and can assemble pressure die casting machine by ourselves, and make the die casting equipment meet our squeeze casting and forging requirements.

Gravity Die Casting

Work with our sub-contractor to make gravity die casting rough parts according to our technical requirements, and we will run CNC machining and surface treatment. to make sure the casting parts accuracy and meet customer’s requirements.

Aluminum Heat Forging

Can run the aluminum heat forging products by ourselves, most of our forging products are wild used on energy car, motorcycle and industry device.

CNC & Post Processing

We equipped with over 30 sets 4 axis or 5 axis CNC machining, except run prototype for our customer, also we can use these equipment to machining our precision parts for ourselves, also work with our long term contractor on painting and coating supplier. rich experience on military parts.

Product Review

Selected Parts or Project

Semi-solid die casting for Auto parts

Liquid Squeeze Casting

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Auto semi-solid casting parts for swing arm

Aluminum Heat Forging

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Gravity die casting and casting process with CNC machining

Gravity Die Casting

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