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Liquid Squeeze Casting Parts

China Semi-solid Metal Casting Company

China liquid squeeze casting company

We are a china squeeze casting forging factory; our main business include squeeze casting, aluminum forging and gravity die casting; our factory located in dongguan city, china. we found in 2000 years, after decade years development. we have develop our own technology on squeeze casting and forging, also work with college on casting material to improve mechanical properties.

we can handle liquid squeeze casting and forging parts, from ingot to parts, CNC machining and heat treatment, also surface treatment.

China liquid Squeeze and semi-solid casting Factory
Ecar Squeeze Casting parts
Squeeze Casting for Automotive swing arm
CNC Machining Casting parts
Gravity die casting for Truck components

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Assemble line for die casting parts

Liquid Squeeze Casting

We work with university on develop special material, plus our technical semi-solid casting machine,we can run bunch of material casting, such as A356 and so on.

in-house Sand blasting Facilities

Aluminum Forging

Support energy car development, we can run aluminium forging parts.

dimension inspection Room and xray detector

Gravity Die Casting

Work close with our casting contractor, they offer rough casting parts to us, and we run CNC machining and surface treatment.

Post process to remove burs and flash of casting parts

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